I Am……

Day 30: I am changing.

As I close this 30 day I Am Challenge I pray you all got something out of it. I pray that it has helped you see yourselves in a different light; as a victor, as an overcomer, and as a person who has endured so much yet they still share their smile with the world.

This post is titled I am changing rather than I am changed because change never stops. We have all heard the saying “change is constant” and it is. You are not always changing who you are or changing your behaviors but sometimes we revert back to our old habits, we’ve changed and then we change back into who we used to be. Because of this we now have to change again, get back to where we were before the revert. This is why change is constant.

I have said it in just about every post and I am going to say it again , it is important to take account of everything. What you are feeling today, what happened that caused you to feel that way. What you did and what was the outcome. What was said and how it made you feel. By taking account of all this you are able to look at the whole situation and this will help you realize that you could have done something differently, it helps you realize what needs to be changed so that it doesn’t happen again. Also by taking account you have something to refer to, something to guide you through your next encounter, or something you can look back on and say I handled that so much better than last time.

Changed Mindset…

We all have that one mountain that we just can’t conquer. We try, we work hard, we get half way up the mountain and we come sliding back down. For me it is my finances, I have a challenging time managing my finances. As I have gotten older and begun to want more out of life I knew I needed to work on this. I couldn’t afford to pay someone to help me but what I could do was research and read. I would start the process by making a budget, cutting back on spending, and putting money into savings and I would do good for a while. Then the season would change and I would need a new wardrobe and just like that I have reverted back to my old self.

This last change has been an experience, my managing my finances no longer became an option. I am going to be buying a house (Notice how I said, “I am” and not “I want to”) and in order to do this I must change the way I manage my income and my debt. So, I got prepared, I researched and read, I prayed for wisdom and knowledge, and I started climbing my mountain. One step at a time, one issue at a time. I believe I am having more success now because my desire changed.

What habits do you have or what are some issues that you face that you would like to see changed? Write them down but leave room in front of them. After you have them all written down in front of them write “I am changing”. Read this list daily, take notice of when you do the things that you are trying to change and correct it immediately. Continue to do this until you don’t do those things anymore. Tell yourself I am changing because change is possible.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. -Luke 1:37-

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