I Am……

Day 9: I am beautifully flawed.

A lot of times we see flaws as terrible things but it is these very things that make us unique and different. My biggest flaw and one that I still deal with to this day is my speech. When I speak I hear myself clearly but what others hear is a mumbled mess. There was a time when I wouldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to have to repeat myself or because I was embarrassed of what may come out.

My speech really hindered me in a lot of areas of my life, especially my military career. We had boards that we had to attend to get promoted. I would always have to attend the board at least twice before I got a go. I knew the material but I was so focused on opening my mouth and speaking clearly, I often forgot everything else that was going on around me. Because of my speech I was also very slow to start a conversation or speak up around others, talk about poor networking abilities.

This is not the only flaw I have, I have many. My toes aren’t straight, my teeth aren’t perfect, I bite my nails, I have two scars on my face, and I am a huge procrastinator. Flaws aren’t all physical. Over the years I have learned to embrace my flaws. Why? Because they make me who I am, I am beautifully flawed.

Changed Mindset…

As I stated earlier, I learned to embrace my flaws. To overcome my issue with speaking clearly, I took classes, I volunteered to get up and speak in front of people, and if I know I have to present something I practice whatever it is I have to say before I say it. I use note cards and I open my mouth. I could have just said forget it and stopped talking, stopped applying myself but I knew this was not the answer.

Everyone in this world have flaws and often times we think our flaws are visible to others because it is visible to us but they are not. Some of our flaws are out of our control, we were born this way. My toes have been crooked since birth but I still wear flip flops. My teeth have always had a gap but I still smile. These things are me if I were to change them now, I probably wouldn’t even recognize myself.

Today let’s change our thinking about the way we look at ourselves. Today start telling yourself “I am beautifully flawed” and start believing it.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  -Ephesians 2:10-

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