I Am……

Day 3: I am successful….

Whether or not something is successful is often determined by how big it is, how much attention it generates, or how much money is made from it. I have often determined my success by what it looked like for others. If they did it at 22 and I didn’t do it till 29 years of age I didn’t really consider that a success or if they did it in 2 years and it took me 5 years I didn’t consider that a success either.

We often look at others and wonder how did they become so good at what they do or why does it seem so easy for them? Sometimes we place these unrealistic expectations on ourselves based off of what society thinks or what it looks like for someone else and when we fail or when things don’t work out as planned we believe we are unsuccessful. I recently got very discouraged because I felt like at my age I should be making at least $50,000 a year, I looked at others my age and others with my degree and I based this success off of what I saw. I started applying for jobs that would get me to the $50,000 mark but I never got hired for one. Went on many interviews but was never selected. I was discouraged to say the least.

One day I sat down and actually looked at my check stub and boy did I feel like a fool, I was only a few hundred dollars away from making $50,000 a year and in two months I would receive a raise that would put me a little above that mark. So, I was successful at making my desired income but because my success did not look like those around me I did not see it. We often get blinded to our own success because we are too busy looking and comparing what we are doing to those around us.



Changed Mindset…

From that day forward, I started looking at myself and comparing my current self to yesterday’s self. I realized that my success was not determined by how long it took me to achieve it or by how well someone else was doing it. My success was determined by me. I now celebrate the small successes because I know they lead to bigger successes. If I complete one assignment in school I consider that a success. If I make it to the gym three days a week instead of five I consider that a success, and if I make it to work that is a success. I know each day I show up I am succeeding because I did not give up.

It’s easy to get discouraged and want to give up when the things we want to achieve are taking longer than what it took others or when things just aren’t going as planned. But I encourage you to stop looking to your left and right and look at the person who is staring back at you when you look in the mirror. This is the only person you need to compare yourself to. Starting today start celebrating the small successes and watch how quickly the big successes are realized. If you take one small action toward a goal you are already creating success. Wake up each day with the mindset that I am going to do a little more today than I did yesterday. Your success does not look anyone else’s success.

Look at those things you have accomplished and say I am successful, I am successful, I am successful!!!!!

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. -Proverbs 16:3-

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