I Am……


Day 2: I Am Committed.


I am guilty of starting things and not finishing them, generating ideas and not following through, or making promises and not keeping them. This has been a battle for me for as long as I can remember.  When saying I am committed I must get more specific, something as simple as I am committed to making changes is not enough. Let’s dig deeper.


I am committed to:


At the beginning of the year I sat down with my journal and I wrote out several goals that I wanted to accomplish this year or within the next two years. If you have not done this and being committed is something you struggle with I would suggest you take this first step. I will not list all my goals but my committed list goes like this:


·        I am committed to my family.


·        I am committed to reducing my debt.


·        I am committed to finishing my book and dedicating more time to my blog.


·        I am committed to getting back to a healthy weight.


It is easy to set goals and generate ideas. I can say I am going to do something all day but if I never commit to doing it, it will never get done. Being committed takes action, I have to decide every day that I am going to move on those things that I identified as being important or necessary in my life.




Often times I have started things, hit a bump in the road, and stopped; or I started on something else and never got back to that other thing. Yes, I took action but was I really committed? One definition of commitment, found in the Merriam-Webster, is c. the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled. Most of the time I was excited when I started but as time went on my emotions towards the task changed, either it was taking too long, it wasn’t going as planned, or it became too difficult. Either way I was not truly committed to the task, once the good emotions were gone so was my commitment.


Changed Mindset….


This was not my first year setting goals or making a resolution, I do it almost every year. I can remember one year I didn’t even bother because I knew what the outcome was going to be. This year is different, I committed to making these necessary changes in my life, these changes are not just for me they are for my family as well. I acted by writing these goals down. By doing this when I get discouraged or when I lose my way I can go back to my journal and see what I am working on or what I am working towards. This year is also different because up under each goal in my journal I listed steps that need to be taken for me to meet that identified goal. As I accomplish my goals or the steps identified I check them off, this helps me see the success and keep my feelings intact. I am committed to making these changes and reaching my goals because I want to live my best life yet.


Today I challenge you to become committed to changing that thing that you struggle with the most or that goal that seems impossible. Start your day with I am committed to losing weight, I am committed to buying that house, I am committed to loving me, I am committed to building strong relationships. Do more than just say it but write it down so when it seems impossible or become too difficult you can look at it and commit to it all over again. It is okay to become discouraged but it is not okay to give up. I am committed! I am committed! I am committed!


Fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith -2 Timothy 4:7-


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