Fear or Faith?

Standing in the doorway she looked out at what was in front of her and then she looked back at what was behind her. In front of her she saw new beginnings, healing, growth, beauty, new relationships, and happiness; most of all she saw the unknown. Behind her she saw the hurt, the failure, the... Continue Reading →

Peace is Possible 

The best thing you can do for yourself is find peace in your life and never let it go. (Psalm 34:14) You may think this is difficult because of all that you are going through or all that you are facing but I am telling you it is possible. This is possible by letting go... Continue Reading →

I’ve failed!

Today I sat at my desk wondering what do I do when I am trying my best yet I am still failing. I even typed this into the Google search box, what do I do when I am trying my best yet I am still failing. A few articles popped up telling me how to... Continue Reading →

I Am……

Day 30: I am changing. As I close this 30 day I Am Challenge I pray you all got something out of it. I pray that it has helped you see yourselves in a different light; as a victor, as an overcomer, and as a person who has endured so much yet they still share... Continue Reading →

I Am……

Day 29: I am a survivor. If you feel like you have not survived anything, keep living. I was always told that wasn’t doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I truly believed this. I still believe it. I would go through something and I would come out stronger than before but then something else... Continue Reading →

I Am……

Day: 25 I am not afraid I am not afraid. Say it again; I am not afraid. Say it one more time; I am not afraid. What did you say? You may be afraid now but after you finish reading this I know your outlook will change. Being afraid, scared, unsure, or careful (however you... Continue Reading →

I Am……

Day 23: I am optimistic. Being optimistic means to be hopeful and confident about the future and I don’t know about you but I am excited about what the future holds. It may be hard to display this much excitement about the unknown when you’ve had such a rough start in life but this should... Continue Reading →

I Am……

Day 19: I am patient. I’m really not, but I am better than I used to be. I found that being patient is so important, not having patience doesn’t just have an effect on your mental it affects your physical being as well. I used to be so anxious. I would apply for a job... Continue Reading →

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